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Onsite & Remote Suport Services

Web technolgy

  • Business website
  • Non Profit Solutions
  • Events Website
  • Blogs & Web Magazine
  • E-Commerce

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Networking & Systems

  • System Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • System Design
  • Infrastructure Support

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Technical Support

  • Provider management
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Equipment procurement
  • Hassle free system upgrade

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Web Presence

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name Services
  • SEO
    (Search Engine Optimization)


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CTSG makes it easy and affordable when it comes to IT support services. We offer Onsite & Remote support services. Remote support enables our technicians to provide technical support to you wherever you are as long as there is an internet connection. This allows us to see your computer screen from our office to troubleshoot and repair many computer problems that do not require a technician to be on-site.

Some of the most common Onsite & Remote support services include:

  • System virus infections diagnosis and remediations
  • Program and application errors and warnings
  • Data recovery on corrupt or failing system drives
  • Password recovery
  • New software and application hands on training
  • End user experience and Ease of use support.
  • System rebuild and configuration
  • Business application support such as
    • Microsoft business suite
    • Adobe business suite
    • Java support
    • Accounting application support
    • Antivirus and Security software support
    • and many more...

Contact us today and let us know where we can help and make your end user experience painless and enjoyable. 646-894-1160

Technologies We Use

  • php

  • jquery

  • git

  • html5

  • js

  • sql

  • python

  • java

  • node

  • post